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Down with social peace!

With the aggravation of the crisis, governments of all countries and from all political tendencies speed austerity measures up. Exploiters of all countries negotiate and conspire to make us tighten our belt always more. In the name of economy’s and business’ protection, they lay off, decrease wages, increase taxes and make drastic cuts in social security…

I understand workers’ anxiety, but European austerity plans are necessary in order to set public finances right and to be able to take some social measures, that is to say to create jobs” (Herman Van Rompuy). This is how the President of the European Council summarizes the perspectives that his putrid world offers us: accepting always more sacrifices to refloat the State, ensuring capital’s valorisation, and thus hoping to be able to continue to make us being exploited (in always worse conditions), in an infernal submissiveness cycle.

Wage slaves of this world should thus sacrifice themselves always more for maintaining their own slavery! Life of the vast majority of humankind would be each time more sacrificed to save capital’s interests, to avoid the bankruptcy of this moribund world!

Only one alternative occurs to us:

Struggling or dying!
Getting organized to defend our needs facing those of capitalist economy or giving up and accepting like sheep to be driven to the slaughterhouse!

No, there is no low-key solution possible. Reforms, alternatives through a change of management, and government… are just ways to confuse us and to dispossess us from our struggles.

If today unions appeal us to soporific “action” days, if they trail us round the street and embark on “negotiation rounds”,… it’s precisely to contain us, to restrain us, to sabotage our own struggles,… so that the demands that emerge facing the attacks of our life conditions can be neutralized as soon as possible, sector after sector, on the field of reform!

To stand up for ourselves against capital’s attacks, we must organize ourselves outside and against the unions, and structure our struggle in order to break our isolation. Let’s refuse all sacrifice and all defence of national economy. Economy is in crisis? May it die!

Facing the union “strike”, let’s organize to destroy social peace!
Let’s prevent the traffic while blocking roads, trains…
Let’s prevent the production while organizing pickets in factories, schools…
Let’s break separations they impose on us
while breaking national, and sectional borders…
Let’s prevent the return to normality with all means at our disposal!

Internationalist Proletarians