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The explosion of rage we see all over the world doesn’t start from joyfully indignant citizens, respectful of the constitutional State, who can afford the luxury of non-violence… but from us, exploited proletarians, in struggle against the every time worse conditions of survival imposed on us.

We are not outraged, shocked, indignant…!

Among the horrors of the capitalist system, there’s nothing new imposed on us nowadays.

It’s the same old recipes, even worse, which are used for strengthening the power of the bourgeoisie at the expense of our class, the proletariat.

Then, why to be indignant about the “excesses” of capitalism and not struggling against capitalism itself? How to be indignant about enrichment of the banks and not questioning the very existence of banks? How is it possible to be indignant about the fact it’s always more difficult for our social class to survive, without questioning the very reality of the existence of social classes?

But we are not resigned…

Generally and globally the balance of power is obviously always in favour of the bourgeoisie. It holds the means to continue exploiting the proletariat, repressing, slaughtering and eliminating proletarians in struggle. Yet, in the face of the blatant inability of this mode of production to curb the effects of the catastrophe it causes, we feel that the wind is beginning to turn, that the proletarian revolts become widespread. It’s in the bourgeoisie’s interest to reduce them to a citizen movement, developing pacifism, legalism, and apolitical attitude… to contain them in a “socially correct” model, in democracy. Our interest is on the contrary to transcend all the containments in which the movement is got caught.

We are deeply convinced…

That the future of the humanity doesn’t depend on multiform indignations, humanitarian causes everywhere, individual commitments… but depends on the conjunction of forces allowing putting an end to this deadly system. Proletarians will be forced to radically destroy capitalism if they don’t want capitalism to destroy the world.

In fact, “the outraged” as platforms, manifestos, contents… are only the straitjacket that capitalism, democracy, wants to impose for getting rid of the current movement of the proletariat.

We are at class war…!

Let’s reaffirm the struggle to abolish the capitalist social system!

Internationalist Proletarians