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What’s this life? When it’s the violence of the alarm clock that drags you out of bed! When you spend hours and hours at work and commuting to work as well. When you are obliged to endure the chiefs, the noise of machines, the brightness of a screen, to be submitted, and profitable. When your body gets ruined, when back, stomach, joints, ears pains… recall you that your body is not a machine in which it could be possible to replace a faulty part by a new one. Our organs will be deficient forever, and then we will have to use medicines and other rubbishes that will destroy us a few more, that will ruin the rest of our existence… an existence of wage slave.

The alien character of labour emerges clearly in the fact that as soon as no physical or other compulsion exists, LABOUR IS SHUNNED LIKE THE PLAGUE.”

This is the reality that sometimes you hide to yourself: you publicly praise the merits of labour; you take pleasure in what you do, whereas deep down you know that labour destroys you and that you would like to live without this burden.

Really, that’s odd! The dictatorship of the economy that obliges to sell yourselves to survive turns into a voluntary servitude: you proclaim that work is necessary! Then listen to your body and understand that capital makes you play a role, until to feel your body to fall into decay and to know that you will never make fully the most of life, until to die like your colleagues you knew so well and who died “following of extended sick leave”.

Whether we work until we are 60, or 62 years old or much more, it’s the labour itself that is called into question!

Today, in this demonstration you believe that things can change, that large numbers, noise, colours, and the pom-pom will be enough so that this law making our living conditions worse could be withdrawn. However this force of number is not a force, it’s just hot air. “Our” union leaders and left politicians count us and count on us, because for them we are only masses to be manoeuvred in order to make their governmental comeback easier. We are just an ordinary stepping stone! Back in office, what would they change to this law? Nothing! Because this society governed by the profit dictatorially imposes the extension in working time, it imposes an always more increased exploitation of labour force. And because our riposte is not equal to the attacks we have to suffer, there is no reason so that the bourgeois don’t continue in the way of austerity!

Bourgeois’ program all over the world is clear:
You have to slave away always more, always longer, while shutting up!

My friend, my fellow, my comrade, my colleague from work, it’s fatalism that one puts into your head. It’s also to believe that you are not able to do anything but perhaps to go to the polls, and clearly to do nothing to make so that life changes radically. Let’s not trust in any way those who speak in our name so that our exploitation is perpetuated. Let’s not delegate our strength to them, because we know by experience that they are ready to sell us to the highest bidder; they are great buddies with the rulers.

You could be an active force that changes the world. Today while accepting the principles of this demonstration, you stay in the role of the one who never stops moaning, and who is always manipulated. Shout as much as you want! You delegate your force whereas the power is within you. Your power is sleeping and absorbed by the routine –subway, work, television, sleep- by the isolation and the withdrawal into yourself, by the belief that only some supreme saviours are able to save you, while you work yourself to death for a fucking wage. Fear, routine, and passivity govern our semblance of life.

So break your isolation! Let’s meet each other! The big fear of the rulers, included the unions, it’s that you take responsibility for yourself instead of staying spectator and marvelling yourself at TV, what is the height of impotence. They are freaking out that you get organized with your pals while giving more strength to what you already make: from daily resistance (sabotage, pilferage, absenteeism, and breaking-off) to the organization of wildcat strikes and supporting other struggles. We are all in this world, but bitter paradox we are nothing today. Only sheep who march behind parties’ and unions’ leaders.

What can ensure the triumph of our demands is the organization of our autonomous force outside and against all the structures of the state! Outside and against the unions and political parties, whatever they are!

 Internationalist Proletarians